McKayla Maroney: Grown Up (& Officially Photogenic) On Instagram [PICS]

We were a little shocked when McKayla Maroney showed up at Coachella–not because the Olympics gold medalist is a celebrity, but because she could’ve easily fit in as one of the 100 Hottest Girls of Coachella. Sometimes we forget that McKayla turned 18 years old at the end of last year. Maybe that’s because McKayla seemed like such an innocent pixie when she first got famous as the Smirking Pixie of the 2012 Summer Olympics.
But now it seems that McKayla Maroney wants us to know that she’s all legal. She just got a big fix from Inside Gymnastics magazine, which has her on the cover of their 50 Most Photogenic issue–and has pics inside of McKayla looking like this…

And we’re still recovering from McKayla at Coachella–where she let the world know that she was in attendance via her Instagram account. McKayla shares an awful lot over Instagram, and we’ve been very thankful for her being so generous over the past several months. Take a look for yourself, and see why we’re now hoping that McKayla had a good enough time to stop by Coachella this weekend, too…

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