Will Arnett and Amy Poehler Finally Getting A Divorce

Damn, that took a while. Will Arnett finally filed for a divorce from Amy Poehler. That’s after being separated for almost two years at this point. Arnett wants joint legal and physical custody of their children. Poehler has since been dating Nick Kroll, and Arnett has been shacking up with a producer named Erin David.
It certainly was a sad day in 2012 when the Happiest Couple Ever” decided to call it quits. Today is even a sadder day in the world of hipster comedy fans. Is that why it took them so long to finally file for the actual divorce? Or did Amy want to hold out for that sweet cash coming in from Will’s work on The Nut Job and The LEGO Movie? Maybe both of them secretly thought there might still be a chance? We sure thought those two crazy kids would make it last…

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