20 Obscure Sexy Album Covers To Hunt Down On Record Store Day 2014

This coming Saturday is another fabulous Record Store Day–which, to be honest, has really become about people lining up at 6 am to buy rare collector items that end up on Amazon and eBay in about 48 hours, before the labels and artists find some way to make the same material available to the public in about six months. Also, Record Store Day sucks for people who like to hang out in record stores. Which means people like us, who just want to be left alone to sort through stacks of vinyl to find the one piece of music that will give us valuable new insight into human existence.
Also, we like sexy album covers. Those things are great. In fact, a good sexy album cover is the best possible excuse to keep vinyl alive. Sadly, people have become pretty lazy about celebrating sexy album covers. We always see the same records getting hauled out whenever it’s time to look back at the hottest babes who moved records off the racks. That’s why we’re updating our old stash with more great albums to give you a hot selection of 20 Obscure Sexy Album Covers.
These are the LP covers that you haven’t seen. We’re not dragging out the usual Roxy Music or Ohio Players or Scorpions album covers. These are albums that long ago went forgotten into the bins–and made by musical acts that often didn’t deserve to get forgotten. In fact, we chat a little bit about the bands here, which is perfectly okay, because Record Store Day should be about geeking out. We’ll understand if you just want to look at the pictures…
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