LeBron James Leads NBA Jersey Sales, Like To This Kid [PIC]

Okay, so there are probably all kinds of adults buying NBA jerseys, but we still love this pic of LeBron James saying hello to a lucky kid who’s proudly wearing No. 6. Look in the background, and you’ll see that LeBron is taking time out from a pretty formal event, too. That’s an old-fashioned sports moment right there. And it’s a nice way to celebrate that LeBron James has–for the No. 6 time–racked up the #1 NBA season jersey sales. That’s with Kevin Durant being second, and two injured players right behind them in Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose. Stephen Curry was fifth.
So this proves once again that the people who buy jerseys are looking for the biggest stars of the game. No fan wants to buy the jersey of the guy on the end of the bench. That’s fair. James is certainly a logical choice for the top spot with how many fans he has. Now the big question for this offseason is whether or not James will be wearing his No. 6 Miami Heat jersey when next season begins.
And let’s hear it for Tim Duncan, whose jersey sales came in at #14. He hadn’t been in the top 15 for seven years. Fans still love Duncan, though. Now let’s start shopping for the top-selling jerseys for the 2014-15 season

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