PGA's Pablo Larrazabal Jumps In Water Hazard To Avoid Hornets [VIDEO]

Sometimes it’s better to take evasive action. Spain’s Pablo Larrazabal had to do just that earlier today during the Malaysian Open golf tournament. While playing near the 14th hole, Larrazabal was attacked by hornets–and jumped fully-clothed into a water hazard to avoid being attacked more. Before he got into the water, though, Larrazabal was stung multiple times and needed treatment. So don’t laugh too much. Those things hurt. Credit has to go to Larrazabal for thinking on his feet–and for the fact that he finished his round even after the stings. In fact, he shot a 2-under 70. It must have been one very scary incident, especially if a player is trying to think about a shot when a swarm of hornets shows up.Now why the hornets go after Larrazabal in the first place? Did he smell sweet? Does he emit an odor that the hornets liked? Well, at least we can be sure that Pablo will always keep track of where the water hazards are from now on.

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