Stuff The Intern Forgot: Man At Walmart Accidentally Did Meth [Links]

Naked man at Walmart says he accidentally did meth [Huffington Post]

A South Carolina man named Kevin Hughes is so embarrased by his drugged-out actions that he’s skipping town for good. According to our friends over at The Huffington Post, the 36-year-old man remembers going to sleep at his sisters house on Thursday and waking up naked in his truck at a local Walmart. Apparently he thought he was taking ecstacy, but it turned out to be meth. After wandering into Walmart with no clothes on, Hughes ended up spending the night locked up on a disorderly conduct charge and bonded out the next day. Hughes said he is embarrassed by the incident and will probably move to a different town.
And here are some more awesome links that my dumbass, rightfully unpaid intern neglected to post today. Enjoy…

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