Wake Up To Mr. Poo, The Happy Poo Who Wants India To Poo Right [VIDEO]

We should begin by noting that this Mr. Poo video is NSFW if your boss is the kind of person to be offended by the sight of singing and dancing poo. In fact, the idea of this being a Mr. Poo video is kind of deceptive, since this animated masterpiece features hundreds of dancing Mr. Poo’s. And, yes, Mr. Poo looks exactly like what you’d imagine. He is a big piece of poo. In fact, here he is waving at you…

Yeah. In contrast, Mr. Poo makes South Park‘s Mr. Hankey seem pretty damn subtle.
Anyway, Mr. Poo exists because people in India are making poo in public. It’s a real problem. And how do you solve a real problem? Well, the folks at UNICEF have decided to reach out to Indian kids and try to nip Mr. Poo in the bud. So to speak. What we’re saying is that Mr. Poo is here to support young kids in being tired of seeing human poo everywhere on the streets of India, and to help children understand that using a toilet is the best way to dispose of poo. That’s in contrast to just leaving lots of real-life Mr. Poo’s dancing (or, more likely, polluting) the streets of India.
Will it work? We’re not sure, but this video still beats out “Everything Is Awesome” as our favorite animated jam of 2014…
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Pj4L7C2twI]

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