Syfy Saturday: Sarah Oliver's Big Assets In "BIG ASS SPIDER" [PICS]

Big Ass Spider isn’t a Syfy Original Movie–but you can tell it was made with Syfy in mind. Now that prophecy is fulfilled as Big Ass Spider hits the Syfy roster tonight. Of course, some lucky genre fans got to make it out to midnight screenings of these campy cult candidate. That means we got to be impressed by Big Ass Spider‘s really impressive CGI, and also got to ogle some of the movie’s plentiful hot babes on the big screen.
That includes Sarah Oliver, who isn’t just some hot babe who got cast in a hurry. Sarah Oliver is actually a pretty big name among genre fans. She hasn’t gotten the exposure that she deserves, but Sarah has shown up in plenty of┬ásci-fi shorts and a series called The New Adventures of Pinkgirl and The Scone. Those are usually in productions that Sarah has also scripted.
That’s right, folks–we’ve got a genuine Geek Goddess here, and the statuesque Sarah deserves a lot of credit for writing herself some roles as a tough warrior woman. She’s not quite a warrior in Big Ass Spider, but that’s just a chance for this comely comedienne to show off her range. Now check out these pics where Sarah shows off her bod. It’s another fine reason to tune in tonight, and we can’t think of a better name to drop to show that we’re serious about our seriously nerdy heroines….

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