Watch A Man Eat 100 Peeps On This 4/20 Easter [Video]

4/20 Easter doesn’t come around every year, so it’s important to do something special on this day. After all, Jesus rose from the dead on this day to give people weed and candy. You’re telling us you can’t get off your lazy ass and do something today? Just take a look at this guy who ate 100 Peeps. Is there a better way to celebrate 4/20 Easter?
OK, there are probably many better ways to celebrate 4/20 Easter. No one should eat 100 Peeps. In fact, it’s hard to even watch a guy eat 100 Peeps. We had to fast forward to the end because it got pretty gross. Still, we admire this guy’s gumption. Now go out there and have a nice 4/20 Easter.

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