Brittany Brousseau Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]

Brittany Brousseau is a gorgeous 24-year-old American model who should be on your radar. She’s done tons of music videos but why we haven’t come across her striking face before today is mystery enough to drive a blogger mad–especially when she’s done extensive work with our boy Josh Ryan who shot’s Jaime Edmonson x Cam Newton pants editorial.
As far as modeling work is concerned, Brittany’s work has been featured in Swoop Magazine and Gladys Magazine, in addition to doing shoots for Jovani. And just to think–she was only one week away from signing up for the Marines when she was spotted as a model.
Update: Somehow we missed the fact that Britt (we get to call her that) has starred in dozens of television commercials and music videos for artists like ZZ Top, Afrojack, Beyonce, and Drake Bell’s new video “B*tchcraft” that debuted on Entertainment Tonight. She’s currently filming for her starring role in the reality docu-soap “Somewhere in Hollywood.”

Age: 24 | Nationality: USA | Measurements: 32-24-34

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