CAMPUS CRIME: Pennsylvania Police Break Up College Drug Ring


College students across the state of Pennsylvania could be facing some serious jail time for organizing a drug ring that distributed narcotics to colleges and high schools in at least neighboring counties.
Police arrested 25-year-old Neil Scott and 18-year-old Timothy Brooks–who stand accused of organizing the drug ring, along with nine dealers who helped distribute and sell marijuana, ecstasy and cocaine to schools in central and eastern Pennsylvania. Search warrants in nine different locations turned up more than eight pounds of marijuana, 23 grams of cocaine and 11 grams of ecstasy. The dealers attended high schools and colleges around the area including Haverford College in Haverford, Pennsylvania and Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. Prosecutors are still compiling all of the evidence before seeking charges but at least one of the dealers is facing felonies including possession with intent to deliver, conspiracy, being an employee of a corrupt organization and possession of drug paraphernalia. He also left school after police found a glass jar containing 33.56 grams of marijuana in his dorm room.
It’s not known which of the students rolled on the rest of the group or if the drug ring was uncovered as part of some intensive police investigation. We’d like to think that this was all the work of some undercover task force in which cops pretend to be super cool college students. They try to blend in with the student body so they can infiltrate the college’s seedy underbelly and uncover the mastermind behind the drug ring while they wantonly disregard police procedure and basic safety measures. So basically it’s the plot of 22 Jump Street, only it’s not as funny.

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