The 200 Hottest Girls Of Coachella 2014: Week Two [PICS]

So how do we follow up The 100 Hottest Girls of Coachella from the festival’s first weekend? That’s easy enough with this look at the 200 Hottest Girls of Coachella–made even easier because it looks like the 100 Hottest Girls came back to Coachella¬†lots of their hottest gal pals. In fact, you’ll find that we have a lot more than 200 hot babes featured in these pics. It seems that gals don’t like to pose alone when rocking out at one of the most fashionable music fests around.
In fact, Coachella is so fashionable that a lot of clothing companies hire models to just wander the festival in sexy outfits. We won’t complain about that kind of crass commercialization. We’re still proud to report that this collection of Coachella gals features lots of genuine normal-gal music lovers. In fact, we’ve kept this gallery completely celebrity-free. We’ll admit that we recognize a few of the ladies in these pics, but none of them are proper big names. Some of them should be, of course.
But, more importantly, this Coachella roundup features all kinds of hot festival ladies rocking all sorts of bods. There’s a real spirit ¬†of inclusiveness here–although we didn’t include that photo of the 74-year-old woman who was at Coachella and icing her bunions. More power to that lady, of course, but we couldn’t quite find a way to fit her in without interrupting the flow.
We did, however, fit in a few shots of festival goers frolicking at their motels before hitting the dusty climes of Coachella. We think that you’ll agree that we made the right call…

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