Aerosmith's 'Dream On' Performed At Boston Marathon [VIDEO]


Aerosmith proved over the weekend that they have still got it. The band (which is really just Steven Tyler and Joe Perry at this point) performed their iconic jam, “Dream On,” with Southern California’s Children Choir in honor of the Boston massacre.

Normally we’d think that this kind of thing was a little heavy handed but we have got to give the aging rockers a lot of kudos for this. The song seemed to pay justice in the best way possible. They inter-spliced images of the victims throughout the video. Steven Tyler acknowledged how good the song was for the event in an interview.  “It’s almost like it was written for this unfortunate event,” Tyler said in an ESPN interview.

Enjoy the video–and keep in mind that Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones can still out-rock you, and they’re well into their 60s, and Mick Jagger just turned 70…

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