"Batman: Arkham Origins" DLC Brings Back Mr. Freeze [VIDEO]

One of Batman’s most notorious and coldblooded (geddit?) villains will finally make his big appearance in the newest Batman: Arkham Origins game. That’s right–Mr. Freeze has scored a starring role in the game’s newest DLC.
Mr. Freeze stars in Cold, Cold Heart, a DLC storyline add-on to Batman: Arkham Origins. Much like the other villains sprinkled throughout the latest game, this story will focus on the events that turned Dr. Victor Fries into the ice slinging menace known as Mr. Freeze. This means, of course, that Batman will need some new armor and weaponry to fight such a cold villain and the trailer showcases some of those new additions such as a heated Batsuit and burning hot Batarangs. Voice actor Maurice LaMarche, the man behind such iconic cartoon voices as the Brain from Pinky and the Brain and Morbo and Kif Kroker from Futurama, also returns to provide the voice for the evil Mr. Freeze.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvP2iNOz1oA&w=600&h=338]
We’re actually surprised that it took this long for Mr. Freeze to join the fray that is Batman: Arkham Origins. We realize that it’s always best to save your best enemies for last but we kind of felt gypped when we finished the first game and realized we had not fought or even seen Mr. Freeze in the entire game. His boss battle in Batman: Arkham City was one of the game’s high points and he’s one of Batman’s fiercest villains. He deserves to have his origin story told in a video game. We were hoping that maybe they were saving him up for his own DLC and we were glad that they were but if they never got around to it, it would have made us mad enough to become a super villain.

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