Florida State Lost $500,000 During BCS Title Game Appearance

The Florida State Seminoles may have won the final BCS title, but the cost to the university for their hard work was nearly $500,000. That comes from a number of factors, including the travel from the East Coast to the West Coast for the game to the number of tickets allotted–and even the amount of people who made the trip to Pasadena. It’s a big number that universities should be paying attention to.
The school also lost money on their trip to the ACC Championship game. There has to be a way for the expenses to go down, whether it’s bringing fewer people to the biggest game or not spending as much time in the city where the game is being played. The school has responded by noting that the losses were covered by the conference’s share of the BCS revenue. That still doesn’t keep this from looking like a troubling trend–especially with FSU reporting expenses of $2.8 million from the trip.
Hopefully,, the new college football playoff will allow schools to at least break even on their bowl trips. Otherwise, the money will continue to go down the drain. Florida State can tell you about that right now.

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