Samantha Hoopes' Sexiest Instagram Photos

Samantha Hoopes was hands down the surprise star of the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. And while we prematurely named Emily Ratajkowski as “Rookie of the Year” based solely on the fact that we were finally excited to seeing her finally in the magazine, cooler heads now tell us that Samantha might have deserved the nod.
But Samantha doesn’t seem too upset about our decision, she’s just plugging away at being one of the hottest new faces in America. She’s the new face of Guess (along with Danielle Knudson) and has also done some work with Beach Bunny. If those things mean nothing to you, then we suggest you take a peek at her Instagram account (@SamanthaHoopes) for proof. We give it a solid “A+.” This chick is the truth.

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