Train Guy Who Got Kicked In The Head Is About To Get Rich [VIDEO]

In case you missed it last week (or as showcased here on COED), some hipster tourist quickly became internet-famous after putting up a video of himself getting kicked in the head by a train conductor. Now that seemingly dumb dude is about to make a lot of money off that violent encounter.
In less than a week, Jared Frank’s video has attracted more than 22 million views. Frank has since been approached by management agencies, and the 22-year-old decided to sign on with Jukin Media–who told him that his video could earn in the range of $2 to $16 per 1,000 views. Supposedly, he could end up making somewhere in the range of $250,000 dollars. All this for getting kicked in the head…
To be honest, we’re kind of surprised that Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t behind the whole thing. The video just seemed to good to be true. Good for this guy, though. It just goes to show us all that even your dumbest moments can somehow profit you. And does this mean that the video will soon be taken down on Youtube? Well, we’re sure it can always be found there somewhere–but just to be safe, let’s check out the original post one more time…

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