What Your Morning Drink Says About You

When you walk into the office in the morning, you can unintentionally say a lot about yourself and what your state of mind is on that particular day.
Body language, clothing, and your general appearance can make all the difference in broadcasting to the world how you are feeling or who you are as a person–but really, it’s all in what you’re drinking. Here’s what your morning drink says about you…


“I am a normal human trying to function in the working world.”


“I’m a normal human being trying to function in the world, but I heard that I need to cut back on coffee, so I switched to tea…or I’m British.”


Energy Drink

“I don’t have the patience to wait in line for a cup of coffee and I really need to be awake this morning.”

Green Juice

 “I do yoga every morning and am much healthier than you.”


“I’m pretty hungover.”

Vitamin Water

“I’m hungover, but am attempting to hide it slightly better.”

Coconut Water

“I’m hungover, and some magazine recommended this for hangovers–but then I realized it tastes awful.”

Muscle Milk

 “I hit the gym early  because I’m trying to get swoll, brah.”

 Thermos of Homemade Coffee

 “I am an overachiever and went to bed early for once and I’m feeling like a million bucks.”

 Triple Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato

“I am the worst.”

Orange Juice

“I’m attempting to be a healthy person.”

Chocolate Milk

“I don’t want to ever grow up.”


“I’ve never really progressed beyond being an 8th grader.”


“I might have a drinking problem–or I’m a Bro in college.”



“I definitely have a drinking problem.”

 Purple Drank

“I still try to call Mike Jones, have a drinking problem, and believe it to be the year 2005.”


“It’s a Saturday or Sunday and I’m having a good time at brunch.”

 Bloody Mary

“It’s a Saturday or Sunday and I’m hungover at brunch but will soon be much drunker than everyone else.”


“I am a person who is presumably alive.”

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