Amazon Will Start Streaming HBO Content

Amazon is officially hopping on the HBO bandwagon. The company has announced that the internet retail giant will begin streaming HBO series, miniseries, and original movies as part of its Prime subscription service.
What makes this deal so unique is that this is the first time that HBO content has been available to stream (legally, of course) on any other site besides HBO Go. Some notable exceptions of shows that won’t be included in the deal are Curb Your Enthusiasm and Sex and the City. That’s because both Curb and Sex and the City already have lucrative deals on TV. You can literally see  Sex and the City on what feels like 10 networks–so if you really want to subject yourself to that, go for it.
Otherwise, start getting hyped for May 21st. All you’ll need is an Amazon Prime subscription to watch anything from The Sopranos to Band of Brothers. We’re not sure about Dream On. Anyone remember Dream On? It had some good nudity. Anyway, part of us thinks that Amazon just got tired of sending out all of those Sopranos DVDs.

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