Ashley Sky Steals The New Miami "#Selfie" Video [36 PICS]

It’s been a big year for The Chainsmokers–starting with them kicking off the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, and “#Selfie” burning up the charts. The duo has still brought in a secret weapon with some Ashley Sky footage being brought in for the video. In fact, that footage doesn’t really even fit into the “#Selfie” clip. You’ll see a lot of hot babes crammed into a lot of fast cuts here, before the camera slows down to linger over Ashley by (and in) the pool.
That’s a trick, people. You’ll keep watching the video waiting for more of Ashley, but it will not happen.You’ll still see lots of other hot babes throughout, of course. It’s perfectly okay to ogle them, too. But we still want to salute Ashley Sky, who was a Miss COED way back in 2011. And since you’re not getting quite enough of Ashley in the video, we have some¬†awesome Ashley clips right here–far hotter than any #selfie, yeah. And then you can check out Ashley’s hottest Facebook pics….
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