Margot Robbie In A Bikini Catches World's Luckiest Fish [PICS + GIFS]

Margot Robbie celebrated Earth Day yesterday by going fishing–and we just decided we want to be reincarnated as a fish that gets hauled out of the water and held against the bod of a hot Australian model-turned-actress. Does that fish look unhappy to you? That fish looks shocked by his good fortune–and he probably didn’t even know yet that he was about to become an Instagram celebrity. That’s because Margot posted this pic on her account with the legend, “‘Fish are friends not food! #HappyEarthDay.”
That probably means this guy even got tossed back into the water instead of serving as a low-calorie meal for Margot Robbie. Fish simply do not get luckier than this. Guys are getting pretty lucky, too, since Margot has been pretty generous in posting pics from her Nicaraguan vacation. Check out this other bikini shot….

Margot Robbie Bikini Instagram

Margot needs to rest up, too, since she’s about to go into the jungle with¬†Alexander Skarsgard to film a 3D production of a movie about Tarzan. We’re hoping it’ll be called Tarzan 3D, but the film will probably sell more tickets if it’s called Margot Robbie 3D.¬†In any case, we’re happy to see the sexiest gal of Wolf of Wall Street enjoying herself. In that same spirit, enjoy these GIFs of Margot getting all animated. It’ll leave you feeling more breathless than that lucky fish–who’s probably already forgotten about Margot and is back swimming around with no idea of just how lucky he got yesterday. Stupid fish…

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