Some Idiot Faked a Hostage Call Over a Game of "Call of Duty"

A player got so mad at someone for pwning them during a furious round of Call of Duty that they actually called the cops and filed a phony report so they would send a SWAT team to their house.
The call came in sometime on Tuesday while 17-year-old Juan Castillo of Long Beach, New York was playing the latest Call of Duty game. Suddenly, a SWAT team from the local police department burst through the door and descended on the occupants with their automatic weapons drawn. Police received a call that Juan had killed his brother and mother and was still in the home. The call turned out to be hoax perpetrated by someone who Juan was playing against online. Juan was a little shook up by the sight of armed police officers storming his house but thankfully, no one was hurt.
Police don’t have the identity of the douchebag who thought sending a SWAT team to a stranger house’s over a lousy video game was a good idea. It’s actually a trend called “swatting” and it sometimes involves disgruntled players tricking local law enforcement to carry out their untapped aggression. Of course, once police find this guy, they plan to prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. I say we should go further than that if we really want to send a message. I’m not talking about violating his civil rights or turning the other way while police do something unspeakable to the guy. I’m talking about something that will really stick like forbidding him from playing any video game except Duke Nukem Forever.

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