Someone Finally Did a Remix of the Old "Life Alert" Ads [VIDEO]

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Music maven DJ Steve Porter--the man behind the “Rob Ford Crack Remix” and the “Richard Sherman Rant Remix,”--has┬áturned his remixing talents loose on those creepy “Life Alert” ads that accidentally became one of the biggest catchphrases of the mid 90s.
Frankly, we’re kind of surprised that someone didn’t do this sooner. Granted, old people suffering heart attacks and bathroom falls don’t usually make people run out to the dance floor but we’ve remixed just about everything else that has even a semblance of a beat. Those “Life Alert” ads should have been on top of the comedy remix DJ’s to-do list. In terms of accidental hilariousness, this ranks right up there with the “Slap Chop” ad and the unfortunately named “Aspray.”
Plus, doing a “Life Alert” club remix isn’t an idea that’s entirely out of left field. Edith Fore, the woman who played “Mrs. Fletcher” in the ad who utters “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”, became something of a cult hero among nightclubs in her time. The ad made her somewhat of a celebrity and she would often make public appearances in nightclubs across New York City and eventually around the country. She even once judged a “Mrs. Fletcher Fall-Off” in Atlanta in which people imitated her for cash and prizes. Who says we don’t take care of our elderly?

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