15-Second Movie "LINCLONE" Is Better Than Plenty Of Features [VIDEO]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-VofkrPGOE&w=600&h=350]
COED was hanging out last night at the TriBeCa Film Festival with Heineken and an aspiring filmmaker named Dennis Lazar. It was a big celebration, too, since Lazar was attending for the premiere of a movie that was made based on 140 characters that he wrote. That’s right–a movie has now been made from a single tweet. 
In fact, the movie even opens with the proud claim of “Based on a true Tweet.” That being Lazar’s epic tweet of, “They clone Abe Lincoln’s DNA and name the clone president for life…except there’s one problem: the clone is evil.” The resulting movie is LINCLONE, which is definitely the best 15-second film to ever exist. Well, that’s 15 seconds without counting the running time of the credits.
After watching this amazing deleted scene, we’re sure it would make a fantastic feature film, as well. Lazar sure had a fantastic night, too. Heinken flew him to the festival, and the Twittering genius even got to hang out with Robert De Niro. Check out some of the pictures from the world premiere below…

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