2014 NFL Schedule Released: Start Making Your Plans…

Wednesday was a big day for NFL fans as the 2014 schedule was released. There are many interesting games on the schedule but one of the biggest things was which team would play the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks in their opener. That honor will go to the Green Bay Packers who will make the trip to the Pacific Northwest on Sept. 4 to open the season. It will be the team’s first trip to Seattle since the infamous “Fail Mary” game that ended the replacement officials.
The NFL has also decided to have flex scheduling earlier in the season now with the prospect of games being moved starting in Week 5 instead of Week 11. There will also be games that can be moved from CBS to Fox and vice versa to attract more viewers. This is being used for the Thanksgiving Day games which will see the Detroit Lions, who were scheduled to play an AFC opponent this season, playing the Chicago Bears on CBS in the first all-NFC game on the network in 20 years. There will be Saturday games as well this coming season for the first time in a long while.
It is shaping up to be a very exciting season with more fans being able to see the marquee games. The season can’t get here soon enough for most people.

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