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Emilia Clarke GIFs: 30 Hottest Animated Pics On The Web

It’s been a busy month for Emilia Clarke, with Game of Thrones launching a new season just as her UK crime comedy Dom Hemingway racks up some impressive figures in the indie movie houses. Nobody should be too surprised by any of that, though. Emilia Clark is the kind of gal who carries a real presence. Don’t forget that she was pretty much an acting unknown when she signed on to Game of Thrones to play exiled queen Daenerys Targaryen. It was a real gamble to go with a virtual unknown –especially one who had to start the series by walking naked through a fire while having baby dragons perch on her shoulders.
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Emilia Clarke probably didn’t cover that kind of thing while studying her craft at the very respectable Drama Centre London. She probably hasn’t been prepared for a lot of things that have hit her over the years. That includes a 2013  brain aneurysm, and the recent announcement that she’s taking over the iconic role of Sarah Connor in the upcoming 2015 Terminator: Genesis.
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Nobody really knows what to expect from this latest big-screen revisiting of the Terminator saga, but we can tell you that Sarah Connor is going to have some real sex appeal this time. Get an idea of what to expect from these generous GIFs covering plenty of Emilia’s most sensual moments–with plenty of moments from Game of Thrones, but also some other surprises that’ll get you throwing down your gauntlet…

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