Herschel Walker Can Still Play Pro Football, Says Herschel Walker

Legendary NFL running back Herschel Walker may be in his 50s but he says he’s still able to play pro-football.
Walker made his blunt and extraordinary claim in an interview saying, “I can play in the NFL today. I couldn’t take every snap. But running backs nowadays don’t play every down. Now they send in the choir section. Physically I can still do it.”
Walker, of course, is still an impressive, physical specimen for an athlete from any field or walk of life. He was one of the most sought after players in the NFL that led to a legendary trade from the burgeoning Dallas Cowboys to the Minnesota Vikings in which the team released five players and a big handful of draft picks just to get him. He got into mixed martial arts after he retired from football and even picked up a couple of impressive, bloody wins during his time in the Octagon. He even still keeps up an insane diet and exercise regime in which he only eats one meal a day and sleeps five hours a night. Hell, those facts alone make us scared that he’s actually going to read what’s coming upĀ  in this post.
We’re sure that he’s capable of putting on a good show in a stadium if the NFL does decide to draft him again. We just want to see him play because we know it would eventually reach a point that it would be hilarious to watch. Walker may be in impressive shape for a guy at any age but eventually, his body has to give out when he’s up against linebackers who are barely out of high school and hungry for turf and blood. We’re not saying that watching a slightly older person getting hurt would be hilarious–but watching one who’s hyping himself up just before running out of the field in a rage filled stupor and directly into the fist of a 20-ish, roided-up linebacker is bound to be a funny sight.

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