Shannon Ihrke: Maxim's Military Cover Girl Rates A Big Salute [PICS]

Maxim magazine put together a very special issue to salute the military–and they sure got our shorts saluting with the stunning Shannon Ihrke landing on the cover. Technically, Shannon Ihrke is one of a few models appearing in different cover shots for this special issue. That doesn’t make it any less special to see Shannon Ihrke saluting us from the newsstand.
Of course, Shannon doesn’t need any introduction to any readers from the Chicago area. She’s one of the city’s most popular radio personalities–not that many guys can immediately recognize Shannon’s voice. Instead, this blonde rocks the airwaves as the official Loop Girl of the Chicago radio station The Loop 97.9. The striking blonde actually has the personality to score big on the radio, but Shannon really brings in an audience by posing for pics to celebrate different holidays, and being the kind of goodwill ambassador that brightens our lives more than we could ask of any Morning Zoo team.
Shannon isn’t just posing for that Maxim cover, either. Her work with The Loop has always involved lots of support for the members of United States Armed Forces. In fact, you can check out Shannon’s site to learn about her own stint in the Marines. This isn’t Shannon’s first time with Maxim, and we can certainly understand why they brought her in for this star-spangled issue. Now check out the bod that’s helped make Shannon a true Chicago heroine….

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