Yankees' Michael Pineda Gets Caught With Pine Tar On His Neck [VIDEO]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaOjaFN3gqM]
The last time New York Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda pitched against the Boston Red Sox, it appeared that he had some sort of substance on his hand. By the time the Red Sox noticed though, Pineda got rid of it. On Wednesday night, Pineda tried getting away with it again but this time around Boston caught the pine tar on Pineda’s neck as he was ejected from the game and will be suspended.
It was too obvious that Pineda had something on his neck because of the color difference. It is hard to understand why Pineda would make it so obvious though. He claimed that he wasn’t trying to cheat and was only looking to get a better grip on the ball. Isn’t that what the resin bag is there for?
A long suspension is coming and the Yankees will be without one of the young starters for a while. However, it also may allow the rivalry to bubble up even more and the Yankees will be looking very carefully to make sure no Red Sox pitchers are getting away with anything.

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