Chicago Cubs Throw Away 100th Anniversary Cake

The Chicago Cubs celebrated the 100th birthday of Wrigley Field on Wednesday with a number of special festivities and giveaways. That included a 400-pound cak–from the famous people of Cake Boss–that was made to look like Wrigley Field. The cake was outside all day and then taken to Chicago’s Field Museum for an event. In the end though, the team decided to throw the cake out. The outrage over the cake has been massive.
The cake was made from mainly inedible parts, but there was no reason to throw the cake completely away. Yes, it had been outside all day long, but to throw it in the dumpster wasn’t the way to go. The quick work of an astute person taking pictures of the cake being hauled out on a forklift showed how careless the team was in this situation.
There are many things the Cubs should have thrown out on that day like their bullpen after giving up five runs in the ninth inning but the cake shouldn’t have been handled the way it is. The team has since apologized for what happened.

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