Dianna Dahlgren (And Her Butt) Wins Instagram Again [VIDEO + PICS]

[protected-iframe id=”312a287c6ed986eaae92d4173c3f0abf-3508545-34451079″ info=”//instagram.com/p/m-6NIZuB-t/embed/” width=”612″ height=”710″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]
Some guys look at this amazing video and say, “I must know more about the incredible lady behind that awesome ass!” Smarter guys look at this video and say, “Hey, that’s Dianna Dahlgren–and that ass isn’t even the most awesome thing about her.” Which is true. Dianna Dahlgren might look like your average California girl who parlayed her natural beauty into the life of a fitness model. We can’t even argue with that, except to add that Dianna is packed full of personality and some serious ambition.
In fact, the only reason you might not have heard of Dianna Dahlgren is because she’s the kind of gal who puts a business plan in front of blonde blind ambition. Dianna was a child model, but was already a serious competitor on the fitness scene before returning in front of the cameras back in 2009. A lesser woman might have thought it was time to head straight for Hollywood. Dianna decided to use the exposure as a chance for more action–and ended up being Ms. Supercross in 2011.
She also stayed busy in fitness competitions, and does a lot to promote the idea of being a built babe with proud curves. That’s the inspiration behind a lot of Dianna’s self-promotion–although we understand if lots of guys are grateful for Dianna’s Instagram account for other reasons. We’re just going to note that Dianna’s amazing new video also shows off the importance of squats as part of her regular training, and she has some thoughts about how women perceive this important part of…well, we can talk about that later, right? For now, let’s enjoy this mix of Dianna’s hot professional poses and intimate Instagram moments…

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