Drunk Dude Causes A Hijacking Scare On A Plane

If you’re drinking and flying. please try your hardest to not cause a hijacking scene. In this case-a really drunk guy caused a hijack scare on a Virgin Australia flight by trying to break into the cockpit on Friday and was arrested after the plane landed on Bali.
He started acting “aggressively and pounding on the cockpit door.” Not only did this guy screw up his own plans, the airport was actually then closed for two hours because of his drunken antics. Great job, bro.
“We immediately took appropriate security measures involving troops because the initial information that we got was that the plane was hijacked,” Air Force Base Commander Col. Sugiharto Prapto said.
Thankfully, no one was hurt in this scenario. The whole thing reminded us of the infamous airplane scene in Wolf of Wall Street. Just remember, if you’re going to get plastered on a plane, do not make a scene because they’ll probably think you’re a terrorist…

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