Pretzel Wheat Beer Rules, Other Beer Flavors Not As Good [GALLERY]

Just in time for National Pretzel Day tomorrow, our friends at Shock Top Brewing Co. have released an amazing pretzel-flavored brew called Shock Top Twisted Pretzel Wheat. Which sounds great, but you know how that can go with a beer. Fortunately, we’ve actually sampled the Shock Top Twisted Pretzel Wheat, and can attest to it being a damn perfect pretzelly mix. The brew is, um…brewed with wheat, caramel malt, orange peels and a rich pretzel flavor. It’s also 5.2 percent alcohol, which ain’t too shabby, so look for it at beer festivals nationwide (and some select locations across the country).
In other beer-related news, Heineken has decided to release Desperados, which is a tequila-flavored beer. It’s getting ready to enter the American market after knocking around Europe for 15 years . The beer gets its flavor from being in tequila barrels for months, and then it’s mixed in with more tequila-flavored beer, and–hey, is it just us, or does this sound godawful? In fact, that one’s got us thinking about all of the terrible beer flavors out there. Check out 10 weird flavors that can’t compete with Shock Top Twisted Pretzel Wheat…

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