These GIFs are Booty-Ful [26 GIFs]

It’s already been a beautiful day for butts thanks to Dianna Dahlgren–but now we’re working up for the weekend with a look at booties shaking through the wonders of modern technology. We’re talking about a generous servings of jiggling GIFs that’ll get you ready to go girl-watching as the weather warms up and gals start to put a little sun on their buns. The COED staff is taking off to California and Georgia as part of getting away from a cold rainy weekend.
Well, that goes for some of us. Other COED staffers will be in beautiful Parsippany, New Jersey, and that seems to be getting some of that dreary East Coast weather. But that’s why it’s so important to have quick access to girls displaying their amazing curves down South of the border. So settle in for a happy ride down a bouncing boulevard to a very happy place. This compelling collection showcases the bodacious butts of both awesome amateurs and proper supermodels, and we’re certainly proud to say that we can recognize a few of them right away. We’re like the CSI crew when it comes to this kind of thing–but the only crime here would be missing out on this amazing action….

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