15 Best Rom-Coms For Bros: A Little Romance, And Toilet Humor….

What does it mean now that The Other Woman has topped Captain America at the box office? Well, it means that a romantic comedy like The Other Woman isn’t going to have a  hard time bringing in guys–and especially with a cast that includes Kate Upton and Cameron Diaz, plus a cameo by Brittany Binger.
Of course, studios have always known that there’s real money in a romantic comedy that can also appeal to guys. They’re not always made that way, but there have still been enough to make guys get a little less frightened when it’s time to choose a movie to go see with their girlfriend. There have been more quality Rom-Coms than a guy might know about over the past several year–and here’s a list of some other important movies that you won’t mind watching with your girl…

15. Bridesmaids

Who would have thought a movie about bridesmaids could be so appealing to dudes as well? And it’s the rare Oscar-nominated script to feature the comedy gold of a gal defecating into a sink.

14. Mr. Deeds

Adam Sandler plays a normal dude who becomes  a billionaire over night. Every guy’s fantasy–plus there’s a romance with Winona Ryder that’s nicely old-fashioned in that Sandler style. Which reminds us that you might want to check out Adam Sandler’s Hall of Babes.

13. As Good As It Gets

James L. Brooks directed Broadcast News and helped develop The Simpsons, and also helmed this great romance with Jack Nicholson as a total bastard crazed by OCD who’s just charming enough to romance Helen Hunt.

12. Annie Hall

The original Larry David deconstructs his entire relationship with co-star Diane Keaton via a classic comedy script–that’s pretty poignant, but very much from a guy’s perspective.

11. 40 days, 40 nights

Here’s a ’90s classic from the couple of months where Josh Hartnett was a movie star–and guys thrilled to this tale of a guy trying to go without sex to win a bet and prove…well, something, but it’s too painful to try and remember.

10. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

The first movie where Russell Brand cracks us up the whole time–and with Jason Segel proving that guys can mope around just as much as the ladies can while still being funny.

9. No Strings Attached

A movie about Natalie Portman just wanting to have casual sex? Check.

8. Love At First Bite

This one was a surprise box-office hit back in 1979–so it doesn’t offer any gross-out comedy, but the movie’s still a pretty fun vampire spoof. It’s also a good film to spring on your girlfriend. The flick has been pretty much forgotten by any woman who was born after 1970.

7. Crazy, Stupid, Love

Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling bro out together throughout the movie, and pick up women at bars, and it’s all very touching–and it’s believable when Carell’s character goes back to his wife after Ryan Gosling gives him tips on picking up girls, because the #1 tip involves being Ryan Gosling.

6.What Women Want

This movie’s all about Mel Gibson getting psychic powers so that he can listen in on women’s thoughts and seduce them–but he also learns enough about women’s true feelings that ladies love the film, too.

5. Along Came Polly

This movie is great, and features arguably one of the funniest performances from the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, and there’s also a blind ferret. Ferrets are funny.

4. High Fidelity

Jack Black landed his breakout role is in this flick about record store owners. John Cusack is the brooding record-collecting romantic who lists his top 5 breakups of all time–so it’s a movie for geeks, and for guys who already get a lot of gals, and for ladies who like John Cusack’s puppy-dog eyes.

3. There’s Something About Mary

The Farrely Brother’s classic comedy about dudes obsessed with Cameron Diaz really shook up the idea of what could work as a romantic comedy–mostly via that amazing scene with Ben Stiller’s “hair gel.”

2. Knocked Up

Easily one of the most bro-tastic Rom-Com ever. Full of funny gags, gross out humor–and, of course, some romance. We could’ve done without the pregnancy, but then they would’ve had to have changed the title.

1. I Love You, Man

The ultimate Rom-Com for Bros, because the whole movie is about a bro-mance between Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. It seems like the co-stars became best friends in real life, as well, which is nice, but we would’ve tried to keep hanging out with co-star Jaime Pressly.

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