Coldplay Hides Lyrics To Their New Album In Libraries Across The World

Coldplay just announced that they’re going to reveal the lyrics for all nine songs off the new album Ghost Stories by hiding handwritten lyrics in libraries across the globe. The lyrics will be hidden in ghost story books in libraries spanning across nine countries.

Clues to where the lyrics will be posted will be on the band’s official twitter account, using the hashtag #lyricshunt. You better hurry though, because someone has already found one of the envelopes in Mexico City. Even better–one of the hidden envelopes will have also have a “Golden Ticket,” which gives whoever finds it (and a plus one) a free trip to London to see Coldplay perform at Royal Albert Hall on July 1st.  Looks like Chris Martin has been watching a little too much Willy Wonka since  his breakup with Gwyneth….

The band’s album is set to be released on May 19. Even if you don’t really like Coldplay or you think Chris Martin is a bit of a jackass, we have to hand it to them. This is a pretty cool idea, especially in an age where albums fall by the wayside. We just don’t think it’s a real challenge to interpret the lyrics to a song like “Magic.” Martin isn’t exactly shouting out the words here….


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