College Graduate Gets Diploma, Attempts Backflip, Fails [VIDEO]


Not every graduate tries to treat their walk towards their diploma and a new life with the respect and dignity it deserves. Some grads just see a stage and think that means it’s time to put on a show. This back flipping graduate did just that.
This recent Davenport University graduate confidently walks towards the dean, grabs his diploma and gives him a firm handshake. Then he spots a camera and gets a look in his eye that says, “Hey everyone! It’s showtime!” He then proceeds to pull off what looks like a competent back flip but, well, you can probably guess what happens next. Hey, what are they going to do to him now? Suspend him?
Still, who can blame him? If we actually possessed the muscle strength and coordination needed to do a standing back flip and even thought we might come close to landing on our feet, we would have tried to pull one off when we walked down the aisle. And furthermore, this video wouldn’t be as nearly as hilarious if he actually completed the back flip without landing directly on his face. If anything, the Internet would actually be mad that he could complete a back flip or that they didn’t take the opportunity to do something equally cool when they got their high school or college diploma. We’re just really hoping that someone follows this guy around with a camera at the after graduation celebration kegger because if this is what he’s like when he’s sober, imagine what he’s like when he bombed out of his skull.

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