Dad Gives Totally Impartial Color Commentary As Son Hits Homer [VIDEO]

The biggest sports news of the weekend? Yeah, you’re probably thinking it had something to do with the Los Angeles Clippers having a racist owner who was just about to be honored by the NAACP. But that’s because you missed out on Ben Spradley hitting one out of the park during a high-school baseball game. Spradley plays for Wilson Central High School–which we’re thinking must be the Wilson Central High School in Lebanon, Tennessee–and his father wants you to know that you’re missing out on the Homer of the Year. Fortunately, he caught it all on video, along with his inspired color commentary. Yeah, he seems pretty proud. Check out this footage and get all nostalgic for that time that you made your dad proud, too. Or maybe just get all embittered over how Dad never showed up for your games, even though he always said he would, but then you’d look out to the stands and he’d never be there and you’d just wonder why you ever bothered to sign up to play that stupid game, anyway. Damn it.

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