Say Hello To The Lady Who Died While Texting "Happy" [VIDEO]

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Well, it’s a weird start to the week when we’re pondering the death of Courtney Sanford, a 32-year-old North Carolina woman whose last Facebook posting was about how the song “Happy” made her happy. It was her last Facebook post because Courtney was posting that happy news while driving and taking selfies and…hey, what do you know? Courtney ended up driving over the median and crashing right into a truck. This will be Courtney’s final legacy…

And so now Courtney will become the Official Spokesperson on the perils of driving and attempting to operate your electronic devices. To the tune of “Happy,” even. The good news is that the 73-year-old man who was driving the truck wasn’t injured, and we can drive through North Carolina without worrying about Courtney Sanford crashing into us because she just heard some other great tune that inspired her to update her Facebook status.
Get the whole story via the video, but we’re pretty sure that we’ve all already learned a valuable lesson here. We’re inspired enough to go rent a car andhit the highway at 80 mph while posting “YOLO!” on our Facebook account–as a warning, you know.

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