Playboy playmate Crystal Harris arrives at the 6th Annual Bench Warmer Toy Drive held at The Colony. Los Angeles, California - 17.12.11 When: 17 Dec 2011 Credit: WENN

Crystal Harris: Hottest Photos On The Internet

So it’s not everyday that COED is ogling the wife of an 88-year-old man–but we’ll make an exception for Crystal Harris, who also likes to be known as Mrs. Hefner, as in Mrs. Hugh Hefner, for verily that is her. We’re pretty impressed by Hugh Hefner’s taste in third wives, too. Crystal Harris holds up to the usual Playboy Playmate standards of being a curvy girl with wholesome looks. Crystal also has an offbeat sensuality, though, and there are more than a few pics where Crystal shows off the same savvy sensuality as the amazing (and, sadly, doomed) Sharon Tate.
And today’s a very big day at the Playboy Mansion that Crystal calls home, since April 29th is her birthday. Hugh Hefner, of course, turned 88 years old on April 9th, so we’re past those horrible few days where Crystal Harris was 61 years younger than her husband. That was just unseemly. Things look a lot better now–especially for Hef, who we can personally attest has every intention of living to be 100 years old. His mother sure did.
Anyway, he found an amazing gal in Crystal Harris, who was billed as Crystal Hefner for the release of last year’s fine dance single “True Harmony.” Crystal, of course, was a former Playboy Playmate as Miss December, 2009–but became a true Playboy legend when she broke off her engagement to Hef just five days before their planned 2011 wedding. That made for an amazing story worthy of reality television.
Then the nation’s hearts warmed as Crystal and Hef patched things up, with the couple finally marrying on New Years Eve, 2012. It’s a tribute to Hef’s longevity that he’s survived these past couple of years. Check out these 30 thrilling pics of his birthday bride, and try to figure out how long you could last–and then check out our salute to Hef’s other old girlfriends…

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