Kate Walsh on "Fargo" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Kate Walsh on Fargo

(10:00 PM EST, FX)

We were pretty excited about the new Fargo series on FX here at¬†See Her Tonight–but we weren’t expecting to have many hot babes to cover from the show. We’re sure that there are plenty of hot gals in the actual metropolis of Fargo, North Dakota. But we also know how Hollywood perceives that kind of town, and the original Coen Brothers movie sure didn’t think the place was full of beauties. Remember those hookers that Steve Buscemi took to the Jose Feliciano concert? That’s how Hollywood sees Fargo’s actual femmes.
So we’re pretty pleased to see Fargo going with Kate Walsh in the cast–even if she’s definitely MILF territory, and solidly built enough to pass muster as a true North Dakota lady. In fact, Kate Walsh is pretty much perfect casting, and it’s nice to see the daring dame get cast in something cooler than Grey’s Anatomy and that creepy spin-off. We’re not sure how much we’ll be seeing of Kate Walsh. She’s officially listed as only appearing on one episode of Fargo, but the official synopsis for tonight’s episode has Kate back in the cast, which is just another reason to tune in to this offbeat crime drama.
Kate’s doing great work elsewhere, too, appearing with our beloved Emma Watson in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. We’re hoping to see more of her in other roles, too–and sure don’t mind sexier turns from this gal who stripped nude at the age of 44 for Shape¬†magazine. You might be pleasantly surprised at some of the pics here. Longtime fans of Kate will just be happy to see her looking less bundled-up than she gets in Fargo

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