Baseball Fan Spills Beer On Girlfriend In Touching Display [VIDEO]

[mlbvideo id=”32462347″ width=”600″ height=”424″ /]

So it’s the fifth inning of the Rockies/Diamondbacks game, and there’s a chance to get a foul ball, and a dedicated guy makes his best attempt, and he spills beer on his date, and that’s cool. We’re not going to try and exploit this as some kind of great tragedy. In truth, the guy just spills beer on the girl’s coat, and we’re pretty sure that it wasn’t some kind of mink. The important thing here is that the gal laughs it off, and the guy has a good time, too, even if he doesn’t get the ball. We find this video a lot more touching than some footage of a dad with his kid in the stands. It’s more likely that the guy will get laid. Well, that’s assuming she really is that guy’s date. Maybe it’s the other guy to her right. Yeah. That seems likely.

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