Goodbye, Sexbots: Fox Pulls the Plug on "Almost Human"

If you’re a fan of network sci-fi (or shows with incredibly attractive Sexbots), then we haveĀ some bad news. FOX has cancelled Almost Human.
The show, produced by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions, starred Star Trek and Dredd star Karl Urban as a police detective working in a futuristic world where cops are paired up with androids. It added a new twist to the gruff, disgruntled cop story as Urban’s characters hates working with androids because one let his partner die, cost him the use of one of his legs and put him in a 17-month coma that erased part of his memory. When he wakes up, however, he’s re-teamed with a new robotic partner named Dorian, played by Michael Ealy, who has sort of the same disdain for him. The series followed their relationship as they fought to take down the bad guys and learn how to work together in a weird sort of man vs. machine dynamic.
The show only produced a single season of 13 episodes that ran through last March and it looks like it just didn’t have enough of an audience to merit green lighting a second. We’ll miss the fun dynamic the show created between Urban and Ealy and the unique opportunities it provided for science-fiction and cop shows on television but (and here’s a sentence we never thought we’d write) we’ll also really miss the sexbots played by the likes of Ricki Lee Peterson, Daniela Dib and Mercy Saidi. Seriously, this show had more sex robots than a really inappropriate episode of The Jetsons.

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