Heisman Trophy Winner Jameis Winston Caught "Shoplifting," Not Starving

Florida State University’s star quarterback Jameis Winston is in hot water (no pun intended) after police allegedly caught him trying to steal a fistful of crab legs from a grocery store.

There’s been a formal press conference now, with the police officially announcing that they’ve issued a citation for misdemeanor shoplifting to FSU’s star football (and baseball) player. A spokesperson for the Tallahassee Police Department originally denied ever issuing such a citation on their official Twitter account, but did not deny the incident in question. If the report is true, Winston would only have to pay a $30 fine but he would also lose his place on FSU’s baseball team. Also, the cops say that they’re expecting Winston to pay for the lobsters.

Winston’s little stunt may not be one of the biggest problems faced by a college athlete with more muscle than sense but it happened at an interesting time. The news first surfaced that Winston received a citation for the shoplifting just a few days after the NCAA reversed its policy on schools or other organizations providing free food to its student athletes. It started when UConn’s basketball star Shabazz Napier publicly embarrassed the NCAA by admitting that he sometimes went to bed hungry because he couldn’t afford to feed himself and NCAA rules forbade the school from feeding him.

Even if Winston was just (allegedly) stealing the food for fun, the NCAA still has a PR nightmare on their hands that not even Don Draper could fix. They stubbornly refuse to admit that they are racking in massive profits off the backs of pro athletes who work for nothing and continue to insist that they aren’t employees of their schools, even though they spend more time prepping with the team than actually going to school. The NCAA would be the most hated entity in sports right now is LA Clippers’ owner Don Sterling.

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