News Flash: Google Exec Parties With Girls Like Cynthia Kirchner [PICS]

Google’s millionaire playboy and all-around creepy dude, Eric Schmidt, continues on in his quest to sleep with nothing but absolutely gorgeous women. His latest instance was last night when he was seen meeting up with model Cynthia Kirchner at a celebrity karaoke event in New York. He had his phone up the whole time while she karaoked–and then she ended up walking him out afterwards.

This is just one time in a long string of clues that point to how much this dude loves his women. From his penthouse for side girlfriends to all the gorgeous women that he followed on Instagram, it’s clear this guy wanted to use his money for women. Not that we’re judging…oh except for the fact that he’s married. Right.

Take a look at a few pics of his latest lady friend, Cynthia Kirchner. We’d definitely be using our millions to win this girl over too…


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