One-Handed Condoms Are The Future [INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO]


Every guy is familiar with the embarrassing struggle of putting on a condom. It takes the delicate hands of a diamond cutter just to get the damn thing on and the struggle can sometimes entertain your date more than the actual sex. Wingman Condoms has come up with a quick and easy way to put on a condom and it only requires one hand.
This prophylactic comes with a bendable plastic ring that’s wrapped around the base of the condom. When you open the package, you simply put it on the tip and let ‘er rip. It slides down with just one hand. Then you simply unhook the plastic applicator, throw it away and let nature take its course. It’s not only easy to put on but they also claim it’s so simple that either you or your date can put it on in total darkness. Honestly though, with something this simple, you’d have to be the world’s laziest man not to do it yourself. You have no excuse now. It’s a condom that you can put on with one hand. You’ve already had so much “practice” doing things with your junk that only require one hand.
The company explained on its website that the designer of the new condom got the idea from personal experience. They described the experience of putting one on as “far from sexy,” and we couldn’t agree more. We’re not sure the spectacle if a free-standing condom is any sexier, but we’re willing to risk it in the name of science.

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