Things Get Bloody Fun in the New "Wolfenstein" Trailer [VIDEO]

Another trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order has hit YouTube–and it looks like the kind of blood soaked first-person shooter that we’ve wanted since the release of the very first Wolfenstein game.
This time, Bethesda Softworks is showing off the game’s multi-path playability. Most FPS games only offer one option: Mow down as many bad guys as possible before completing the game. The newest Wolfenstein game will surely offer plenty of opportunities to do just that but it’s not the only way to play it. The level featured in the latest trailer shows that you can either run through the scene with both guns blazing so every enemy in the place knows your position or you can sneak through the level and try to pick them off one by one before they even see you coming. Both methods offer plenty of bloody ways to disembowel the scum of the Earth but they also require different skills and give the game a unique way to replay it once you’ve beaten it. Check it out for yourself in the new trailer…
We just cannot wait to play this thing. Not only does it bring back the awesome glory of one of the greatest video game characters and franchises of all time but it’s found a new way to make it fun and fresh. Of course, killing Nazis will never get old. They are the potato chips of simulated genocide. Once you pop one in the head with a fully load MP 40, you can’t stop.

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