Fantasy Football Players Can Buy A Share of Buffalo Bills' EJ Manuel

Fantasy football leagues are a fun way for fans to feel like they’re part of a professional team–but now the fans can be a real mogul with their own players to be traded on the stock market. Fantex is a brokerage firm based in San Francisco, and they’re now getting into the action by offering shares of Buffalo Bills quarterback EJ Manuel, with his “stock” set to be selling at $10 a share.
Manuel isn’t the first with this weird honor. San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis started this week as the first athlete traded on the stock market. His value hasn’t changed much over the first few days, but there are probably still lots of Bills fans (and fantasy league fans) eager to invest in how Manuel does during his professional career. We’re sure eager to see how this turns out–especially when technology eventually allows high bidders to actually control the players on the field from home. That’s got to happen eventually, right? It’s supposed to work like this….

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