Lacey Banghard: 33 Pics For The Glamour Model's 22nd Birthday [PHOTOS]

We’re a little worried about Lacey Banghard as she turns 22 years old today–that being May 1, 2014. She’s certainly one hell of a May Day attraction, but is there a place for an¬†English glamour model like Lacey Banghard in a world where a guy’s magazine like Nuts has ceased publishing in the UK? Oh, wait. We have a place for Lacey Banghard right here in the COED offices. She’s welcome to stay here for as long as she likes.
And we won’t kick her out like they did over in England for Celebrity Big Brother back in 2013. She was just the third celebrity contestant voted out of the house, too. We bet there were a lot of disappointed fellow celebrities in the house that year.
Anyway, it’s still a big day for Lacey Banghard–who, of course, is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Banghard. Nuts may be gone, but Lacey is still one of the top English glamour models in the country. She sure made our latest list of the 50 Top English Glamour Models on the Web, along with #1-ranked Kelly Brook. She should be celebrating her birthday knowing that she’s still one of England’s finest (and favorite) roses. And let’s note that some sources will insist that Lacey really celebrates that birthday on April 28th, but we’re in agreement with¬†our pals at FHM–even if Lacey didn’t make their new list of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World.
There’s a reminder that the world is full of sexy women. Lacey Banghard didn’t even make the Top 100. We’re pretty sure that Lacey will become a very personal favorite right now, though, as you check out an amazing British bod that still looks bloomin’ to us…

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