Let's Wake Up To Rob Ford Smoking Even More Crack On Even More Video

There’s new (very recent) video of Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack, and we’d say that he has a serious problem, except Rob Ford seems to be having a great time smoking crack. He’s the mayor of a major metropolis, too, and his Canadian city isn’t falling apart like Washington, D.C. was under Marion Barry. Remember that guy? He was our American crackhead mayor, but Barry wasn’t nearly as dedicated as Rob Ford is to crack.
Okay, the details as we know it–the Globe and Mail newspaper in Toronto has video of Rob Ford smoking crack this past Friday in what appears to be the basement where his sister lives. Yeah, the mayor of Toronto has a sister living in a basement. She’s a confessed drug addict. The video was provided by a guy who says that he’s a drug dealer who secretly filmed Mayor Ford hitting the crack pipe last Friday. Rob Ford is wearing the same shirt and tie that he wore during a press conference earlier this past Friday, so right there is a pretty good sign that Toronto has a mayor can’t quit smoking crack even after becoming a world-wide joke last year over video of himself smoking crack.

The Globe and Mail wants you to know that the paper cannot confirm the substance inside the pipe. Rob Ford might just be a regular guy like ourselves who likes to smoke fine tobacco out of a plumbing fixture. Still, this all looks really bad. In fact, it’s bad enough that Mayor Ford has announced that he’s taking a leave of absence. That’s a major concession from the famously shameless mayor. This will, of course, also reman a big story for the rest of the day, and we’ll see more developments coming. But will this new scandal have Rob Ford announcing that he’s not running for reelection? Don’t hold your breath. No, seriously, don’t hold…oh, sorry. You’re smoking crack. Yeah. It’s a good day for that.

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